Terms & Conditions

Shipping policy

We provide you many shipping options when you checkout; some of them are cheaper but do not include any tracking number. This is very unusual that an order that is not tracked is lost or does not arrive at destination. However, if it happens, we have no way to track your order and we do not assume any responsibility on your order. However, we can provide you, at your request, the proof of purchase from the shipping carrier. For any other tracked delivery, you order tracking number will be available in your order history within 24 hours.

When Paypal is used for payment, you can specify a shipping address for the good you want to receive. Please note that we may refuse to ship your order at the address you have specified on Diigiit Robotics website if this information is not consistent with Paypal confirmed address.

Security of your information

Visa and MasterCard credit card payment is done with Paypal. Paypal is probably the most trusted and used company to pay online. When you are purchasing from Diigiit Robotics, in no time we keep any information related to your credit card. Paypal is the only entity that keep this information.

Bank transfer

You can pay your order by bank transfer. Please notice that your order will be shipped only once we have received the money. Fees of 15$ are applicable.

Low order Fee

Orders under 12$ CAD are subject to a 3.00$ CAD handling fee.

European Business VAT Exemption

European Community Businesses outside of France can purchase from Diigiit without paying VAT Taxes. Please proceed that way to have a tax exemption:

  1. register an account on Diigiit webite. Specify your business name and address
  2. contact Diigiit at sales@diigiit.com and give us your VAT Number
  3. once we have validated and setup your account, you are ready to go