• Titanium Sheet Gr5 (6AL-4V)

This Grade 5 titanium sheet is both strong and light. This is a good choice for robotics especially for armoring a combat robot. Can be cut with aviation snips, metal shears, rotary tools (dremel discs, angle grinder zip discs, metal-cutting chop saw) and bandsaws (metal-cutting blade).

Please select from a miscellaneous thicknesses

  • size: 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm
  • 0.5 mm - 114 g
  • 0.8 mm - 183 g
  • 1.0 mm - 229 g

Part List

  • 1x titanium sheet
Dimensions L x W x H 25.4 cm x 20.32 cm x thickness
Weight 114 g - 183 g - 229 g

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Titanium Sheet Gr5 (6AL-4V)

  • Fingertech Robotics
  • Titanium sheet are both strong and light. You can use them to build or armor your robot.
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