The Dynamixel AX-12A is an advanced and affordable servo motor for robotics. It has a slightly lower torque than the Dynamixel AX-18A but quite half the speed. The motor case is made of high quality plastic. The Dynamixel AX-12A is an improved version of the Dynamixel AX-12+ with the same performance but with a more advanced design. The AX-12A is a servomotor with additional features for robotics like the ability to track speed, temperature, shaft position, voltage and load. All of the build-in sensors are handled by the servo's embed microcontroller itself. The AX-12A is the entry level model of the Dynamixel AX series.

Dynamixel AX-12A Drawing
Fig. 1 - Dynamixel AX-12A Drawing

The Dynamixel AX-12A motors can be assembled together to create advanced configurations for robotics as shown on image below:

Dynamixel AX-12A Configuration
Fig. 2 - Dynamixel AX-12A Configuration

This motor is provided with a 3P cable, nuts and bolts and grey plastic supports. We provide also higher quality black aluminum supports from Crustcrawler as well as the Ergaster Systems bushing. Please see links below.


  • stall torque (N.m): 1.5 at 12 V
  • no load speed (RPM): 59 at 12 V
  • gear ratio: 254:1
  • motor type: cored
  • operating voltage: 12 V
  • stall current: 1.5 A
  • max. current: 900 mA
  • minimum control angle: 0.29 degrees x 1024
  • feedback function: position, temperature, load, input voltage, etc...

Part List

  • 1x AX-12A motor
  • 1x B01-HORN horn
  • 1x FP04-F2
  • 1x FP04-F3
  • 1x BPF-WA/BU set
  • 1x 3P Cable 200 mm
  • 16x bolt PHS M2*6
  • 1x bolt PHS M3*10
  • 16x N1 nut M2



Dimensions L x W x H 50 mm x 40 mm x 32 mm
Torque 1.5 N.m
Weight 54.6 g
Operating Voltage 9 V to 12 V

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Robotis Dynamixel AX-12A Smart Servomotor

  • Robotis
  • The Robotis Dynamixel AX-12A is one of the most affordable entry-level smart servo motor for robotics with advanced feedback functions such as temperature, load & position control.
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  • $ CAD57.88 $ CAD45.12
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