• Breadboard 170 Tie Points

The 170 Tie Points breadboard is a small prototyping plate. It's a must have tool to test and tinker your latest electronic idea. As compared to a perfboard, no solder is required here; just plug and unplug jumper wires (up to 22 AWG). It's perfect for prototyping. Most through hole components can be connected such a LEDs or push button switch.

This breadboard has self adhesive tape on its back so that you can fasten the board on a larger project. It's small enough that it is often use directly on small mobile robots. You'll be able to create a larger breadboard surface using multiple 170 tie points breadboard and connect them together with the small tab located on the side of each breadboard.

Please select the breadboard color you want; black, blue, red, green, white and yellow options are available when in stock.


  • material: ABS
  • color: black, blue, red, green, yellow, white (according to option selected)
  • 2 strips of 17x5 points

Part List

  • 1x breadboard


Dimensions L x W x H 48 mm x 35 mm x 8 mm
Weight 15 g

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Breadboard 170 Tie Points

  • The Breadboard 170 Tie Points is a small ABS prototyping plate to test and tinker electronic ideas with 22AWG jumper wires. It is self adhesive and small side tabs let you create larger prototyping surface. This breadboard comes in blue, red, green, yello
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