• Dynamixel XL430-W250-T

The DYNAMIXEL X-Series is a new line-up of high performance networked actuators.

The Dynamixel XL series adopts new features that allow 360 degrees control mode with its contactless magnetic encoder and hollow back case assembly structure. The XL series has the same mechanical structure as the XM430 and XH430 and is compatible with the respective models.


  • model name: XL430-W250-T
  • gear ratio: 258.5 : 1
  • processor: ST CORTEX-M3 (STM32F103C8 @ 72MHZ,32BIT)
  • position sensor: contactless absolute encoder (12BIT,360°) by AMS
  • resolution: 0.088° x 4,096 steps
  • torque/speed: 1.0 N.m, 47 RPM@ 9V, 1A
  • torque/speed: 1.4 N.m, 57 RPM@ 11.1V, 1.3A
  • torque/speed: 1.5 N.m, 61 RPM@ 12V, 1.4A
  • input voltage: 6.5~12.0V (recommended voltage : 11.1V)
  • operating temperature: -5°C ~ 72°C
  • material: engineering plastic for gear and case

Part List

  • 1x XL430-W250-T
  • 1x HN11-N101 (pre-assembled) horn
  • 1x robot cable X3P 180mm
  • 5x bolt (M2.6*5) TAP
  • 5x bolt (M2*5)
  • 5x spacer Ring
Dimensions L x W x H 28.5 mm x 46.5 mm x 34 mm
Weight 57.2 g

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Dynamixel XL430-W250-T

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